Is it time to ditch the couch?
Is it time to ditch the couch?

It’s tempting to look at the entrepreneurial lifestyle through rose tinted glasses. You’ll no doubt be thinking about the freedom it affords, the extra time with family and friends and not having to report to ‘the boss’. In your vision, the phone calls are flooding in, you’re making appointments, preparing spreadsheets and making and taking phone calls. But where is all of this going to happen? Are you going to woo that major client in your front room, sitting on the sofa? As your business grows your needs are going to change too.

Here are four signs that working at home may not be working for you anymore:      

  • Your direct network has been done to death.

It happens fast. You’ve told all your friends and family about your business, posted regularly on Facebook, Linkedin and every social media platform going and somehow it’s just not happening. It’s time to beef up your network and get some referrals.

Coworking spaces are a huge asset when it comes to this. They put on member and public events providing networking opportunities. Introductions and word of mouth recommendations are far stronger than any advertising campaign and the coworking community, who become your business family, can help enormously with this.  You can also host your own event, which will facilitate relevant social media content for you and the coworking space to share on your behalf, significantly increasing your reach.

  • You’re getting distracted.

Yes, it’s handy to be able to put the washing on and pop out for groceries, but that isn’t very productive from a business perspective. Coworking spaces provide you with an environment where you can concentrate and increase your productivity. Business class printing and scanning facilities mean that you won’t be forking out for expensive supplies for your home printer, and secure shredding facilities and ‘on tap’ tea and coffee mean you have everything you need to streamline your day. Time is your most precious commodity and a coworking space will help you to maximise this.

  • You’re at the coffee shop practically every day for meetings. 

Coworking spaces are a far more professional meeting spaces than coffee shops. There is more desk/table space, super-fast Wifi and complimentary coffee. Cutting the cost of coffees from your budget can quickly make a difference to your cash flow, especially if you are having several meetings a week. Most importantly, using coworking conference rooms creates a professional first impression, as you will be able to use the flat screen TV’s for your presentation and the conferencing facilities for Zoom or Skype calls. Now that’s the way to get that major client.

  • You’re getting oh so lonely. 

Coworking spaces are not only a great place to work, they’re also a great place to meet and socialise with like-minded individuals. The collaborative environment means you will make plenty of new business associates and friends, with entrepreneurs spending lunch times together and likely going out for a few beers at the end of a busy week. These ‘organic’ relationships can help to boost your business without reverting to sales tactics. ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’.

Whilst working from home is a great place to start, growing your business is easier when you commit to a dedicated space. Don’t think of it as an added expense, but rather an investment in your business.  

If this sounds all too familiar to you then maybe it’s time to ditch the couch, shake things up a bit and get to work in an upbeat atmosphere with positive, ambitious people around you to take your business to the next level. 

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