Swan Off
Swan Off

There’s never a dull day at The Engine House and Friday saw some rather unusual swan activity, with concerned members mounting a rescue mission….

It’s not every day you see a couple of swans strolling along the train tracks but on Friday that’s exactly what happened. These two swans, a male and a female, are quite tame and Barbara Glassey-Cole who lives nearby and works for the Manx Wild Bird Aid told us that they have been bullied out of the river by the wild swans.

The members spotted them out for a stroll and were initially concerned that they might get run over by a passing train. Things soon took a turn for the worse when Mrs Swan fell down the bank – which is really steep – and couldn’t get back up. Mr Swan got really agitated, obviously concerned for his missus (swans mate for life) and consternation grew amonst the members.

A rescue mission was proposed which quickly sorted out the men from the boys. Not everyone was up for resucing large upset birds with nasty nips. Eric and Scott volunteered and were en route to the rescue when Mrs Swan finally managed to scramble back up the bank. Disaster was averted!

At The Engine House we take an active interest in looking after the birds on the river which include geese, ducks, swans and moorhens. We will also be doing a river clean on Wednesday 17 July from 1pm – 4pm in and around Poulsom Park and along the Silverburn river with staff from Connect2Accounting, in conjunction with Beach Buddies, and are looking forward to continuing our environmental work.

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